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Emery & Associates, Inc. was recently selected to lead the WMD preparedness effort at Lake Forest Hospital.

Following extensive research and planning, we assisted the hospital Security Director with equipment specification and procurement.

Twenty-five hospital staff members from all areas volunteered to participate in two full days of extensive haz mat training. The Decon Team also attended the special WMD presentation with 50 other staff members, including Emergency Department physicians, to complete their training.

The hospital purchased specialized equipment and designated the ambulance bay as their primary decon area. Equipment includes large containment pools, showers, tents and tools to scrub victims clean.

Respiratory equipment includes four complete Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) units for use in the Hot Zone, and eight Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) for use by Decon Team members in the Warm Zone.

A complete Decontamination Plan has been incorporated into the hospitals current Emergency Plan, making Lake Forest Hospital one of the first hospitals to be prepared for an industrial haz mat incident or a WMD event.


Lake Forest Hospital utilizes a cadre of specially trained volunteers in an effective decon team. Team members include both medical staff and operational personnel.


The primary decon areas include a dedicated decontamination room located adjacent to the Emergency Department and a three bay ambulance garage. The decon room features a separate entrance, ventilation and water capture. The ambulance bays are heated and ventilated.


Classroom training covered basic haz mat operations topics, with an additional module devoted entirely to WMD agents and issues. Team members learned how to reference hazardous materials and WMD agents.



Students practiced setting up decon showers and pools in the classroom before moving to the decon area for “wet” practice.


Students learned to don PPE quickly and safely.


Respiratory equipment received special attention since most of the students had no experience wearing PPE. Each student was fit tested following OSHA regulations.




Practical training featured extensive use of PPE, including both Powered Air Purifying Respirators and the Supplied Air Respirator system.



Decontamination showers, pools and ancillary equipment are stored in plastic totes for rapid deployment.


Decon team members performed multiple evolutions on live “victims” to qualify. Three instructors rated each student during each step to ensure competency.


Ten “victims” presented the final exam challenge. Each student performed multiple evolutions and regular continuing training is scheduled. Decon team members get together quarterly for a brief classroom review followed by a hands-on scenario.