The RAMP System has the exclusive designation of being the ONLY commercially available field bio detection system to meet the new standards for rapid and reliable anthrax detection. RAMP provides first responders, military personnel and public safety workers, and those responsible for facility security with rapid, on-site, reliable information.

Independently evaluated, and AOAC approved, RAMP offers unmatched sensitivity and reliability. Designed for use in the field, RAMP combines the use of fluorescence with a proprietary Internal Control that overcomes the performance limitations of early generation immunoassays. As a result, RAMP provides a level of sensitivity, specificity and reliability in the area of rapid on-site biological detection at an affordable cost.


Many responders ask how anyone can justify using a product that has not passed the DHS/AOAC testing . Specific product information should be readily available from the manufacturer, including the certificate proving the product passed the testing and the spec sheet for each agent test. Responders deserve the best products available so be sure you ask for a copy of the certificate before you buy any bio detection system.

Each RAMP purchased for use in North America includes on-site training. Contact us at (847) 680-0799 for further information about these test results.